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The EAIC contains 71 postcards with katakana “郵便ハガキ” printed on 1/2 divided backs. Many of them are indeed demonstrably from the 1918-1933 period.Based on this evidence, I classify 1/2 divided back cards that have “hagaki” written in katakana as Period III cards.The back is divided so that 1/3 of the space is reserved for a message, and 2/3 is reserved for the address.The back is divided so that 1/2 of the space is reserved for a message, and 1/2 is reserved for the address.The back is reserved for addresses, and after 1907, for addresses and messages. Before this time, there were postcards, but due to postal regulations, it was not possible for companies to produce picture postcards until 1900.The back of the card lacks a dividing line to separate the message and the address.Based on research into the postmarks and cards themselves, contemporary journalism, secondary scholarship, and some postcard websites, the EAIC has devised the following periodization scheme: Period I.

During this earliest period for picture postcards, the only information allowed on the back of the postcard was the addresses of the sender and and the recipient.

Both countries were nominally sovereign and yet were governed by Japanese military and civilian officials.

Thus, it is not surprising to find that each nation, no matter how “fake” in retrospect, possessed distinctive flags, postage stamps, currency, and postal regulations.

Here are some more examples of undivided back cards from Period I: Some undivided back cards are military mail from the 1930s and 1940s.

It should be clear from the type of cardstock, imagery, and other clues that such cards are not from Period I: On March 27th, 1907, new postal regulations made it possible to use 1/3 of the back of a picture postcard for written messages.

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