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When you will get a match, they will start to chat with you. Red Light District Disclosed in Caucasus and Alagapi Restaurants in Baku Azerbaijan.

Usually the conversation starts with "What would you like to do? When police comes and closes the area so it just moves to an other location.

Best chances to meet pro and semi-pro girls you have in Finnigan’s, Tiger Bar and Shakespeare.

At evenings Irish pub Finnegan’s is always frequented by a group of working girls.

Usually they hang around the bar close to the entrance where they try to make eye contact with foreign customers.

Similar girls can be noticed in Tiger Bar and in Shakespeare where you can also have decent food and play pool billiard.

Other pubs that make good hunting ground are The Corner Bar and O'Malley's, both on Nizami street.

The cafes, restaurants and clubs on Bul-Bul Avenue, 28 May street and around Fountain Square are notorious for being visited by local prostitutes.

Especially on Bul-Bul Aevenue you can find many places full of local working girls like the discos N-Brothers (Bul-Bul Avenue 18) and Coral (Bul-Bul Avenue 22).

Other popular nightclubs visited by willing local ladies are Capitol on Nizami street 117 and Sherwood on Aliyev street 242.

Be aware that the scene in Baku can change rapidly due to intensive police crackdowns from time to time.

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The Universal Club has also the reputation of major pick up place.

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