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And now there’s a new worry: so-called super gonorrhoea, impervious to every standard treatment.

“This bug always outsmarts us,” says Dr Jeanne Marrazzo, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

But swabs from the throat often do not yield enough bacteria and they frequently do not grow.

There are typically fewer gonorrhoea bacteria in the throat than in the genitals, making the infection easier to overlook in the lab.

When the plasmid in question contains drug-resistant genes, the gonorrhoeal bacteria acquiring it become resistant to antibiotics, too.

Thirty per cent of all new gonorrhoea infections in the United States are resistant to at least one drug, according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and studies show that gene transfer is largely the reason.

That does not necessarily mean that super gonorrhoea is incurable, Alirol says.

But one species is becoming more common, and it is anything but benign.This process relies on plasmids, small circular DNA molecules that contain the bacterium’s genetic material but are separate from chromosomes.Plasmids can easily be transferred from one bacterial species to another when they are close by.Drug-resistant gonorrhoea has been on the rise for years; the World Health Organisation has reported an increase in more than 50 countries.Now scientists say the epidemic is being driven by a particular mode of transmission: oral sex.

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