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They lived on the breadline, with Hilda holding up to five charing jobs at once just to keep the house going, compensating for Stan who ducked out of work whenever possible to drink and laze around.No one knew Stan's flaws better than Hilda, who often had to nag him out to work, but for the most part she doted on him and defended him vehemently against his detractors.As a result, she had no real friends in the Street, and the neighbours treated her and Stan like a joke - a matter which greatly upset Hilda.As part of her continuing quest to gain the respect and envy of the neighbours, Hilda erected a mural on No.13's parlour wall.He offered her accommodation in a cottage attached to his home.Just before leaving Weatherfield for good, Hilda sold No.13 to the Websters at a generously low price, so they had somewhere to live without having to leave the neighbourhood.She lived at No.13 for three more years, taking in Kevin Webster as her lodger in May 1985, and his girlfriend Sally Seddon in the following May.They married in October 1986, and stayed on as lodgers at No.13 until December 1987, when Hilda decided to move to Derbyshire to keep house for Doctor Lowther, whose wife had died only a few weeks previously from injuries sustained in a robbery that went wrong.

Hilda was widowed when Stan died from a heart attack in 1984.At seventeen, Hilda spent a week working in the office at Spencers, the funeral director.For most of the war she worked in a munitions factory, while living with her parents in Kitchener Street, but still found the time to have fun with her friends Daisy Shaw, Mollie Lancaster, and Maureen Hegerty, and even had a romance with American GI Ralph Curtis.Hilda's faith in her husband never wavered, but he didn't send on enough money for the family to get by, and they often had no money for rent, resulting in many a moonlight flit.Hilda coped gamely on her own with Freda and Dudley, but Tony and Sylvia were mentally retarded, and with the extra problem of Stan being drunk and violent to her and the kids whenever he was around, Hilda was relieved when their younger children were taken off them and placed in a home.

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