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Scholars agree that most of it was written in the early second century BC, during the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes, who outlawed Judaism and defiled the Temple with a golden image of himself (the miracles attending the rededication of the Temple give us the Jewish festival of Hanukkah).Daniel is sacred to Christians and Jews; it is part of the Christian Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible.Chronological notation, on the other hand, is part of the technical vocabulary of the historical disciplines.If we want our history to be religiously neutral, if we are practising pluralistic or non-religious scholarship, then we should acknowledge that time belongs to everyone, not just to Christians.The AD /BC notation presupposes, then, that the Christian interpretation of the Book of Daniel is the right one.In contrast, dating by 'Common Era' and 'Before Common Era' takes no side in such a discussion: it simply fixes an event in time. Weekdays commemorate Norse and Roman gods (compare English Thursday -'Thor's Day'- with French jeudi or 'Jove's Day'). Even our sexagesimal minutes and seconds come, ultimately, from the base-60 calculations of Babylonian astrology.

we'll be like friends helping each other, i'll pay your bills you help me in becoming a resident I like to go for walks, watch movies, read books, meet new people and write letters (snail mail pen pals). I get along with most people and have a good sense of humor.Only then will our historical practice be truly common.A final argument: the AD/BC system is factually wrong.BC means 'before Christ', and 'Christ' is English for the Greek Khristos or 'anointed one; a literal translation of Hebrew Messiah.Daniel owes its prominence in both Jewish and Christian thought to prophecies concerning the coming in glory of a 'son of man' (the Messiah) and his foundation of a 'holy kingdom of God'.

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