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That's why you can imagine how saddened and emotionally triggered I was last night when, during my daily perusing of the net for articles on BPD and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) I came across a blog post with the title, "Never Date a Girl with Borderline Personality Disorder." (First off - don't Google it to click on it -- you'll only make the search engines think it's a topic we are looking for and possibly give the article a higher ranking -- the opposite of what we want to do with materials like this.

The best way to reduce the presence of such materials is to avoid clicking through.

Because of this, they often have feelings of shame, and others truly are afraid of them and their behaviors.

It is also probably a landmine of emotional triggers, and ain't nobody got time for that.

) Before I go on to that, I'll refer anyone who was attracted to this title because they have been hurt by a partner with BPD and consider such people to be "monsters" to read this post: We Are Not Monsters | Borderline Personality Disorder.

You want to go out with your friends alone, but he doesn't like it when you go out without him. Instead of getting defensive (i.e "I don't understand why you're being like this.

I can't be with you all the time."), say something like this: "It seems like you feel like I'm choosing them over you, and that's not the case. I love the time I spend with you, and I love the time I spend alone with my friends."When you try to argue with your partner and refute them with a bunch of "buts," you're just reinforcing their sense of black-and-white thinking.

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