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For example serial 5 - 300000 was given to a government minister in the opening party of the new factory in 1975.Since 1996, each Landola guitar has featured a serial number that pinpoints the year and the month when the guitar was manufactured.Some archives have been lost during the owner changes.However, the process continues and we will update these pages when we find more information.George was concerned about this proposal and decided to try setting up a new factory in Ireland.

he continued to build his own guitars under “George Lowden ‘luthier’” A ROUGH GUIDE TO DATING A LOWDEN FROM THIS ERA; serial number approximate date of manufacture 1500 - 1899 1989 1900 - 2399 1990 2400 - 2999 1991 3000 - 3899 1992 3900 - 4799 1993 4800 - 5999 1994 6000 - 6999 1995 7000 - 8199 1996 8200 - 9399 1997 9400 - 10499 1998 10500 -11200 1999 11200 -12150 2000 12150 -12999 2001 new studio workshops in Downpatrick, Co Down, N.“The new shape is more ‘curvy’ than before, more feminine.That was my main aim, just to make it very attractive as a shape, but as always in design, other things come along as well.” His client asked about building a shorter scale and of course in terms of the overall scale of the guitar itself, a shorter string scale made sense.The first guitars with A-frame bracing and the dolphin voicing profiles were made in 1976 and in many ways have established the Lowden guitar’s distinctive and unique sound. “What is now called the O25 [L25]had arrived, along with another three models all of the same shape, bracing and simple cosmetics.I was happy with the voicing of the bracing, craftsmanship, general design and most of all, tone, of these guitars.” Guitars are built under License from George Lowden by the S Yairi, Nagoya workshops, Japan Guitars with this label were built between 1980-1985 in a small Japanese workshop under license to George Lowden. In 1980, our Swiss dealer asked George if he could source a small and expert company to make his guitars under license, so they would be more widely available.

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Reading left to right, the first two digits represent the year and the second pair of digits represents the month. year - month - serial So, for example if the serial number were 0201-14725 the guitar would have been made in January 2002.

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