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hour, so a flight that goes into midnight, but narrowly escapes the next hour could be defined as a pink eye.Victory Lap" data-reactid="34"Victory Lap After a three- or four-day trip flying to several different cities, flight attendants will often get stuck flying back to their base airport but still be required to do a quick turn to a city close to home before finishing.If you were a flight attendant, you would know this.if you were in training, you would know who to ask.I’ve used my spork: a half spoon, half fork combo on every flight.Pink Eye" data-reactid="32"Pink Eye No, I’m not breaking out my medical kit to cure your conjunctivitis.Then a flight attendant jumps on the intercom, and instead of providing soothing words, she says the worst thing imaginable – “We don’t want to die.”SNL skit, but it happened to Ryanair passengers on a flight from Glasgow to Dublin on Jan.18. " data-reactid="15"The flight was horribly delayed, and passengers were getting antsy after sitting on the tarmac for eight hours.

“Here,” she handed me the strange utensil at the end of our last flight, “you’ll never need another piece of silverware in the air again.” And I haven’t.“I’m sorry, ladies, but you are seated in the bulkhead and I’ll have to put that gift bag in the overhead compartment,” I said pointing to the lack of under the seat storage.The sister at the window willingly handed over the merchandise. “It’s our mother,” the one in the aisle giggled, “and we are giving her the Weekend at Bernie’s trip.” I shut the bag in the overhead as my face turned the same shade as the bag.If I flew the night prior to my hub, would my airport hotel be free?No it woulkdnt be free for a real flight attendant, nor would it be free for someone like you who wants to be a flight attendant.

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