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You have to be open and at the same time have this very direct line to where you want to go and where you think it’s going. One where she’s fighting for whatever she believes and her intention is clear until the end.You need to use your imagination a lot more if you don’t have the entire story. [Laughs] If Luciana were to die, how would you like her to go out? I wouldn’t like for it to be something like jumping off a building.Would you really want to know the script ahead of time? You want to know the entire arc, like where you’re going, that’s natural.If you shoot a movie they give you the full script. With TV, not knowing comes with the territory so you need to be very creative. [Laughs] I think if she was going to go, I’d like her to leave in a battle.

You’re dealing with it tangentially in that case, whereas here you’re getting to see it – and that’s a lovely thing. There are elements of sociopathy, but ultimately I think he does feel.

It allows you to push the world to its limits in some way.

While it’s always slightly more difficult to join a world, I feel safer joining it than beginning it.” Not that there’s any time to feel safe on a show like .

Daniel, your character has a big impact on the show…

Daniel Sharman (DS): It’s always really nice to play a character whose emotions and actions dictate the action of the entire show.

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