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Revenge porn doesn’t have to be from an ex-partner, if anyone passes on your images without your permission (even your current partner) this is a form of abuse.If someone does this to you it’s not your fault although unfortunately it could be difficult to regain control of your images.If you have sexual images sent to you by, or of, someone under 18 you could be classed as having child pornography, if you send them on then you could be guilty of distributing child pornography.

This article discusses the high-stakes legal issues raised by sexting and their implications for counsel to teens, parents, and schools.Sexting" is a word you have probably heard but might not be able to define.For purposes of this article, "sexting" is the practice of sending nude or semi-nude pictures by cell phone or other electronic media; it is a sexual text ('sext') message.The key to good sexting or online sex is communication and imagination.It's all about painting pictures in the other person's mind and responding in a sexy way to the things they send to you.

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Some people can become addicted to these phone lines and run up huge bills.

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