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Personals ads and in particular Internet personals ads are becoming the wave of the future in dating.More and more people are meeting online and through personals ads and these services are becoming a booming business.Incorporating phrases just because you think they will elicit a large response can result in many responses from people who are not suitable companions.Meeting new people doesn’t have to involve a conscious effort.Those who enjoy physical activity and keeping in shape, may include a phrase such as, “Fit and active,” to convey this message.This phrase can affectively lead to you receiving responses from those who have a similar interest in fitness.

It’s important to not only incorporate the word honest into your ad but to also make sure that the rest of your ad is extremely honest so that the person responding to the ad doesn’t get a sense of a lack of honesty in your ad.

Another action phrase to include in your next personals ad is, “Great personality”.

These words let the reader know that meeting you will be well worthwhile because you have a truly magnificent personality.

Just participating in activities you enjoy or running daily errands can lead to meeting new people without even trying.

Of course, if your favorite activity is watching television it is unlikely that this will lead you to meeting new people unless you watch television in a public place instead of your home.

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This phrase lets readers know that you are completely free of attachments such as a spouse or children.

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