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But getting wet on a first date is nothing to be worried about because getting to know each other is best done without pretensions.The connection gets even more real when all the “masks” start washing off.

It is also highly recommended to visit restaurants that have an interesting history or interior décor. Plan one’s escape If reservations and expensive food are not the kind of thing one would like, it is best to be spontaneous and bring the date out of the city.

There are a number of clichés about dating in this city, some truer than others.

There really do seem to be more women than men, which is why the comedian Amy Schumer recently compared looking for a new man in the NY dating warzone with Syria.

As with so many other things, New York does dating more ambitiously, more aggressively and more energetically than just about anywhere else on earth.

At times it feels less like a thrilling romantic voyage and more like a blood sport.

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