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Further, it does not advertise its own VLAN information.

It’s important to note that in VTP version 1, a transparent switch does not even act as a VTP relay forwarding received advertisements to other connected VTP clients unless you put the switch into the same VTP domain.

All VLAN information is entered on this switch and propagated to other switches via VTP.

It’s important to note that all VTP information is advertised to other switches in the domain while all received VTP information is synchronized with the other switches.

Driver successfully installed Closing the window, we return back to the Device Manager where we’ll notice the exclamation mark has now disappeared and our old ‘Unsupported’ USB-to-Serial adapter is fully operational: Figure 8.

Fully operational USB-to-Serial adapter This article showed how successfully install your old USB-to-Serial adapter based on the Profilic PL-2303HXA & PL-2303X chipsets on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

At least one switch in the VTP domain must be in server mode.

Additionally, client switches can act as a VTP relay and received VTP advertisements are forwarded out any trunk links to neighboring switches in the domain.

A switch in transparent mode does not participate in VTP by synchronizing its VLAN database based on advertisements from the VTP server.

Switches in VTP client mode cannot create/delete/modify VLANs.

VTP clients listen for VTP advertisements from other switches and modifies its VLAN configuration as necessary.

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Updating the Drivers from Device Manager Next, select Browse my computer for driver software from the next window: Figure 4.

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