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At The Women’s Clinic we understand your frustration and we would like to reassure you that every one of these situations has a solution.The first step to finding a solution is having an initial assessment.Optimal treatment needs to be tailored to the individual with their particular complaints but usually include optimisation of bowel habit and creating bowel health.Topical treatments and minor procedures such as haemorrhoid banding can be performed in the consultation room and is part of the mainstay of haemorrhoidal therapy in most situations.

This is an operation with an excellent success rate but significant potential risks.

It is most certainly related to a longstanding irregular bowel habit with constipation being the typical precipitating factor.

It is literally a split in the skin at the edge of the anal outlet and just like any split in the skin in any part of the body it is a particularly painful issue.

Typically a fissure is characterised by intense pain when passing a bowel motion.

This pain can last for a few to many hours following and can also be characterised by small volume bright red rectal bleeding as well. Those that are most prone to having this condition are women with sluggish bowels who generally do not have a daily bowel habit.

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Pregnancy is also a risk factor for this nasty little condition.

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