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In fact, Agatha herself submitted members of the coven for trial, in order to cull the weak.

She then asked Firestar to help her select the next victims, threatening to stop her from returning to her own time if she refused.(Nova II#7) Sensing she was from the future, Agatha felt it was essential that Firestar helped her select which coven members to sacrifice to the witch trials.

Thinking her a witch because of her mutant powers, the villagers tried to burn Firestar at the stake.

Enraged, she attacked the townsfolk until Agatha Harkness contacted her telepathically and guided the young girl to her.

Horrified at the notion, Firestar passionately pleaded with Agatha to seek alternatives.

After carefully considering her options, Agatha decided to leave Salem with her coven and start a new life, apart from humanity.

While she knew Harkness would keep her son safe, Sue missed him terribly. Fantastic gave her and Crystal permission to visit Franklin.

En route to Whisper Hill in a skycar on loan from the Black Panther, Crystal was teleported away by her pet Lockjaw. Fantastic requested that Sue and Crystal return home to the Baxter Building as soon as possible was shocked to learn of Crystal's disappearance.

In the aftermath, the FF agreed she was more than capable to keep Franklin safe.(Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine I#3 - BTS) - The Invisible Girl broke down crying after talking on the phone with Agatha and Franklin.She was capable of levitation and could project her astral self across the globe and even into different dimensions.Practically immortal, Agatha was extremely knowledgeable in most mystic matters mystic.(Nova II#6 - BTS) - At an unrevealed point, Agatha traveled to northern America and helped found the town of Salem, where she presided over the local coven.(Nova II#6) - As a result of a fight against the Sphinx, Firestar (Angelica Jones) ended up in the town of Salem circa 1692, during the time of the infamous witch trials.

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