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From their very disparate backgrounds (middle-class Brooklyn, rural Saskatchewan, and sophisticated New York), they jointly pioneered the idea of the artist-adventurer.

Carole King’s semi-autobiographical 1960 composition “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” co-written with her first husband, Gerry Goffin, was the earliest pop song in which a single woman expressed sexual self-awareness and the first-ever No. It became the song of the year as John Kennedy was sworn in as president.

He felt somewhat proprietary about the “slip of a girl” he’d discovered at Detroit’s Chess Mate.

“I remember bringing her east,” he says now, adding, “I sort of felt like an older brother to her.” Joni stayed at Rush’s Cambridge apartment, and on their off night they traveled to his family’s home in Connecticut.

After that, she wasn’t afraid to risk losing fans by realizing her destiny as an esoteric jazz artist.It jump-started King’s string of urban elegies—chiefly “Up on the Roof”—which were among a group of mainstream hits providing average white kids with an atmospheric echo of the civil-rights movement.Ten years later, in 1971—as a divorced mother of two, getting younger as she got older (as one could do only back then)—she produced her masterpiece album, It would stand as one of the biggest-selling, Grammy-sweeping albums of the decade and would form a soundtrack for an era when, in the shell-shocked wake of rock-world excess and political assassinations, people rebounded to harmony, communality, and earnestness.In May 1966 she traveled to Massachusetts, where the Harvard-educated folksinger Tom Rush had been performing her “Urge for Going” to delighted local audiences.Rush had fallen in love with “The Circle Game,” and he arranged for her to open for him during a series of New England engagements.

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