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Experts classified it as the largest hurricane to have formed in the Atlantic and this metereological phenomenon caused severe damage across the country, which is still unknown precisely because of its magnitude.An initial study shows us that housing, the electric energy system and agriculture have all been affected.The following is our translation of the complete statement issued late Sunday by Raul Castro.Let’s face this task of recovery with the Cuban Revolution’s Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro’s example.Most surprisingly, we found that roughly 60% of Puerto Ricans carry maternal lineages of Native American origin.Native American ancestry, higher than nearly any other Caribbean island, originated from groups migrating to Puerto Rico from both South and Central America.

Collaborating with 326 individuals from southeastern Puerto Rico and Vieques, the Genographic Project conducted the first genetic testing in the area with the goal to gain more information about their ancient past and learn how their DNA fits into the human family tree.

It also would necessitate the complete decimation of indigenous men (but not women), to account for those numbers.

These results are surprising and also shed light into a dark colonial past that, until now, had remained somewhat unclear.

Building materials had already been far under demand and now with a priority going to the State economic infrastructure, home building and restoration will most likely take a back seat.

If the government didn’t have the resources to put a dent in the housing shortage before Irma, the situation now appears to be considerably worse.

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