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Temple ruins in Trowulan, such as Brahu, Jabung and Pari temples use red brick.

Also the Prambanan temple is tall and slender similar to the east Java style, yet the roof design is central Javan in style.

Another theory from Buddhist perspective, suggested that the term "candi" might be a localized form of the Pali word cedi (Sanskrit: caitya) — which related to Thai word chedi which refer to a stupa, or it might be related to the bodhisattva Candī (also known as Cundī or Candā).

Historians suggest that the temples of ancient Java were also used to store the ashes of cremated deceased kings or royalty.

The statue of god stored inside the garbhagriha (main chamber) of the temple is often modeled after the deceased king and considered to be the deified person of the king portrayed as Vishnu or Shiva according to the concept of devaraja.

In Buddhism, the role of a candi as a shrine is sometimes interchangeable with a stupa, a domed structure to store Buddhist relics or the ashes of cremated Buddhist priests, patrons or benefactors.

Borobudur, Muara Takus and Batujaya for example are actually elaborate stupas.

The whole temple is a model of Hindu universe according to Hindu cosmology and the layers of Loka.

The candi structure and layout recognize the hierarchy of the zones, spanned from the less holy to the holiest realms.

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The Indic tradition of Hindu-Buddhist architecture recognize the concept of arranging elements in three parts or three elements.

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