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, journalist Alec Mac Gillis shined light on the role of Jared Kushner—son-in-law and close adviser to President Trump—as a real estate developer and landlord.

In 20, seeking a stable source of revenue, Kushner and his partners purchased thousands of units of working-class housing in the inner-ring suburbs of cities like Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

What’s striking about this story of exploitation and extraction is how it’s one of many within the Trump administration.

Kushner’s company is relentless in its pursuit of “virtually any unpaid rent or broken lease—even in the numerous cases where the facts appear to be on the tenants’ side.” Residents are slapped with thousands of dollars in fees and penalties, even if they had previously won permission to terminate a lease.

All of this is compounded by poor upkeep of facilities.

A very long ten years ago – before the financial crisis, before the Euro crisis, before the Brexit vote — there was the options backdating scandal.

The wave of litigation the scandal stirred up took its time to work its way through the system, but eventually the litigation was resolved and the scandal moved into …

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That living paycheck-to-paycheck makes ordinary banking more difficult—overdraft fees aren’t a particular problem for middle-income and affluent people—and puts affordable credit out of reach.

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