Adolescent dating violence definition

" -- The Commitment question: "Do you both keep promises and agreements that have been made?" -- The Honesty question: "Do you both trust each other to tell the truth?There's no point talking about a good serious dating relationship without talking about the potential for sexual involvement.

By "significant" I mean when young people want to experience a continuing relationship that involves more interest and caring than the casual socializing or friendship they have known before.

-- The Expression question: "Do you both feel free to speak up about what matters?

"-- The Attention question: "Do you both feel listened to when expressing a concern?

Remember, in most cases, this relationship education is not addressed in the academic classes that they take in school. I believe parents have a role in helping their son or daughter know how to evaluate this experience.

Parents can begin by describing three components of a serious relationship: Attraction, Enjoyment, and Respect. Typically it is based on appearance and personality that motivates wanting to spend some time together. Typically it is based on companionship and commonality that allow them to share experience together.

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